Unibrows, Blood, & Gold


​For those of you who don’t know, Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who became famous for her self portraits…also for her unibrow. Yepp, her hairy unibrow.And yes I did have one for this shoot (talk about tough character building lol) but I think I pulled it off.  The featured image of this post was taken before and then immediately after I vigorously rubbed the unibrow off.


You have probably seen some of Frida’s most popular works. Salma Hayek also played her in the movie Frida, which is currently on Netflix. I think of Frida Kahlo as an unapologetically feminist figure. She was a notoriously sexual woman and a drinker. She was also educated and witty, able to keep up with her wild lover Diego Rivera. She went through a lot of medical hardships due to a horrific bus crash she was severely injured in when she was a school girl. She broke her spine, fractured her right leg, broke her collar bone, and an iron rail pierced her uterus – forever preventing her from bearing children. This accident is what triggered her creative spirit. She painted when she was well enough to sit up because she spent a majority of her time alone. This is another self portrait Frida painted of herself after her accident.


This tragic event inspired the second look for this photo shoot. It is said that there was a man transporting flecks of real gold for a mural in Mexico City. When the bus crash occurred, the gold flecks fell and mixed with Frida’s body. Photographer Catharina Christina of C3 Photography spear headed this creative endeavor and contacted me for this shoot, which I was immediately captivated by. The professional photos can not be shown at this moment because they need to be released and published first but here are the two looks. I was scrapping fake blood and glitter out of ungodly places for the next couple of days but it was totally worth it.


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