Curvy in a Tulle Skirt

Last Saturday I took part in Couture Modeling’s Talent of the Future Workshop which featured a ton of talented photographers and models as well as Nikki of NikkiLattyHair & makeup by Maria Dutcavich. Workshops like this are for usually strictly for networking and expanding a model’s portfolio which is important because you need to keep your look & portfolio updated for clients – otherwise someone will book a model based on year old photos and then be disappointed when she shows up with shorter hair or a more mature appearance.

​I shot with Christopher Washington & Jessica Dobson. This shoot went way longer than I thought it would and although I would’ve loved to shoot with the other photographers this is more of a hobby than a career for me, I was exhausted. I have a lot going on between summer classes, writing projects, and working at my regular nine to five job.

​       Last thing I want to say about this shoot is I was definitely the curviest girl of the bunch at this workshop and I am perfectly okay with it. I think the outfit worked well for my body type (34C with a Puerto Rican Culo* lol). I am still waiting for the edits from my second look but I think it is important that readers see that modeling isn’t just about what the media perpetuates as the ideal body type. I love my curves and I will never be a size zero but I still can pull off some pretty fierce looks. I have been skinnier and I have been thicker at times, but I love my body, despite the fact that I am a small part of an industry that usually makes people feel like shit about the way they look. I will be posting more about this topic at a later date so stay tuned!


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