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Spoetzl’s Shiner Bock

For beer club this week I received Spoetzl’s Shine Bock with a 4.40% ABV. While I did enjoy this beer I felt it had more of a dark lager taste than a Bock. It also has a hoppy kick I was not expecting. Its caramel color threw me off a little because I am used to seeing a dark amber to brown hue so I had to investigate.

I did a bit of research on Spoetzl. It’s the oldest brewery in Texas, founded in 1909 by some German dude. I also learned that bocks originated in Germany and there are actually three kinds. Shiner Bock is a maibock beer that is seasonal. It is supposed to be enjoyed at spring festivals so that would explain that hop kick and why I felt it didn’t taste or look like a bock. The other two styles are called doppelbocks and eisbocks – which are stronger and have that malt flavor and coloring I have come to associate with this kind of beer. Who says drinking can’t be educational?


4 thoughts on “Spoetzl’s Shiner Bock

  1. Thank you for your educational review on this particular Bock beer. I am familiar with a variety of beer, but I have yet to try a Bock. I will put it on my list. And I look forward to more of your posts. And thank you also for visiting mine. 🙂

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