Bites & Brews

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese

So, this happened & it was epic.

My boyfriend Travis (A bacon fanatic) planned this out for our lunch the other day. A friend posted a Buzzfeed video on his Facebook that featured this masterpiece, the Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese. I had seen the video before and I figured it only looks easy when professionals do it but we gave it a shot and it came out fantastic.


We used rye bread, yellow American cheese, and maple bacon. The reason one looks way bigger on the grill than the other is because Travis made his a double stack. I highly recommend using a set of tongs to cook the sides (otherwise you’ll have gross, uncooked bacon around the edges).  The rye was perfect and became fused with the maple bacon, the double stack was a bit messier. Be sure to lightly toast the center piece of bread on both sides before attempting the double stack.


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