Money Saving Secret: Razors

How much do you spend on razors in a given month? Far too much I am guessing. Especially if you are a woman and find yourself paying the “Pink Tax” on your moisturizing but costly Gillette Venus Razors. I switched to men’s razors to save some money years ago. Then I heard of The Dollar Shave Club. The DSC got my attention with their clever, “Stop Paying the Pink Tax” advertisment on Facebook and their funny commercials…BUT you can save even more on your razors AND skip the monthly (or semimonthly) charge to your account by bypassing the company and going directly to their manufacturer, Dorco USA.


I bought Dorco’s Shai Frugal Gal Pack and got a whole years worth of razors for $40, after using a coupon I found online! Right now the same combo pack is going for $47.50 with free shipping. There is also a Summer Bonanza Pack for $37.50 on sale now.

I bought the Frugal pack six MONTHS ago and still have this left (See Below).


The best part about this experience, besides saving a ton of money, was that I got to try a ton of different razors (bikini, disposables, traditional). I have very sensitive skin and I am prone to razors bumps/ingrown hairs so I use Tend Skin every time I shave no matter what. Remarkably, since I’ve been using the Shai 4 I have not had one single ingrown hair! The other razors included are pretty good as well. You definitely get your money’s worth. They have men’s combo packs too. A years worth of razors for less that fifty bucks and you don’t sacrifice quality. Also, you are supporting an American company with your purchase. It’s a win-win situation!


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