BLM & Bernie Sanders

​Bernie Sanders has been a staunch advocate for equality, both economically and racially. So why in the world did two uninformed, ignorant women interrupt his speech this past Saturday in the name of racial justice? Why have they not been interrupting other candidates? Why Bernie Sanders? Maybe because they couldn’t pay the $2700 required to see Hilary Clinton speak. These two women have embarrassed themselves on a national scale and will forever be known as the assholes that didn’t do their homework. They are advocates of ignorance. Sanders has been fighting for civil rights before these pathetic “activists” were born.Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford undoubtedly made complete fools of themselves with their actions – which they claimed was part of the Black Lives Matter Movement. However, a majority of the backlash on social media against these two women came from other Black Lives Matter Supporters and African-Americans.


According the BLM Facebook page a petition that recently surface calling for the women to apologize, was not issued by the organization. The announcement has been met with hundreds of comments ranging from “really bad move” to “Your movement is dissolving into racism and social disrespect.” It is. Protesting peacefully has indeed been met with violence, especially this past year, but is it not more effective to support and promote a powerful political candidate instead of acting they way they did? Sanders let these women speak. And when they opened their mouths, they did irreparable damage.

 The actions of these two disgusting individuals have divided the cause they claim to represent, instead of uniting the American public on the issues affecting our country today – which is the foundation of the Bernie Sander’s campaign. The mainstream media has finally given Sanders some coverage and this event has put Sander’s history in the spotlight. The only Presidential Candidate that has fought the hardest for civil rights is Bernie Sanders. He was even arrested in 1962 for protesting segregation in Chicago public schools and marched in the Civil Rights Movement. At his live streaming event last night in Portland, Oregon, Sanders AND Sanders is demanding equality for ALL. He has fought tirelessly for other minorities, not just African-Americans.

In response to this event, Bernie Sanders has clarified his stance on racial inequality on his campaign website. I think this is what really sets him apart as a candidate – he addresses the issues head on, despite the fact that his record can speak volumes for him! Do your homework America, it is basically already done for you – you don’t even need to get off your ass, type his name into your phone, look at his twitter feed and his reaction to the murder of Sandra Bland. Individuals like Johnson and Willaford are destructive to the progressive agenda but they have a right to express their opinion – a right that Sander’s stepped aside and let them voice in the most dignified way, even in the face of an unnecessarily aggressive and disrespectful attack on him. I hate the headlines documenting this event that say the protestors shut the event down, THEY DID NOT WIN IN ANY WAY. Bernie Sander’s voluntarily stepped aside and let them speak. He did not entertain their antics. Would any other candidate have reacted this way? I don’t think so. I hope his campaign addresses this security issue in his future stops because no one – especially people like these idiots – should have such immediate access to him in this way.


2 thoughts on “BLM & Bernie Sanders

  1. He now has security to prevent this from hopefully happening again and he also has his new chant; “We Stand Together”. I also hope everyone will begin to research where the funding for groups such as BLM comes from (George Soros) and question why a white man is giving money to foster hate relations. There is no other way to describe it. If we allow the campaign to be derailed or sidetracked on this issue alone then Hillary (who Soros has given vast amounts of money too) will win the election. We cannot allow this to happen. What does Hillary owe this man who hates so many? We cannot afford to find out. Remember this; the billionaire class is afraid of Bernie and will attack him at every chance. The best way to defeat him is to divide his base and to turn us against each other. We cannot allow this to happen. This clearly shows not only are they afraid of Bernie but they are afraid of us as well. We have way more power in this country then they want us to believe. This is our time. It is our time to take our country back and to enact real change for ALL Americans. #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016 #WeStandTogether

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    1. Couldn’t agree with you more! The good news is that thanks to social media his presence and message is spreading despite the fact that the media has given so much coverage to Hillary but ignores the darker side of her campaign finances and politically flippant history.


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